Hologram Communications is an Internet consulting company whose purpose is helping people create a place in cyber-space where they can promote their messages of wholeness. Hologram is devoted to designing web sites to promote holistic health & alternative healing, spirituality & meditation, alternative dispute resolution & mediation, and personal & community growth.

Our recent project is to develop a Holography Network by offering the best Hologram Books, and information about making holograms and catering to vendors who are in the business of selling holograms or holographic equipment. 

holograms are cool


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3D Animation, Holographic Projection And Holograms


Articles about holograms and hologram theory, Holography books, Amazon reference library and links.

Our E-commerce marketplace, with books, tapes, CD's, videos, and more!

Web links to sites whose purpose is to create wholeness through spirit in their community. Colorado and world wide links to practitioners who's methods offer an approach to wholeness in mind, body & spirit

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Hologram offers clients site hosting, web-site design and hands-on training.


holograms are cool

Why "Hologram Communications?"

The word "Hologram" is a metaphor for perfect communication. The word holo means "whole" and the word gram means "message". You can read more about hologram theory in our Hologram Info section.