The purpose of this article is to answer the question
"How can communication be applied using the laws of physics?"

To my fascination, communication theory uses much of the same language and theories used in physics.

Einstein - Everything is relative to the observer.

Schroedinger - The act of observation reduces uncertainty.
(quantum probability)


My previous hypothesis, was that communication could be applied using Einstein's physics. I developed a model called, The Velocity of Communication.

hologram diagram

The Velocity Of Communication

Question: Can communication be applied to Einstein's energy theory? Hypothesis: Minds contain potential energy. E=MCý When a force(v=communication) accelerates matter (m=minds) toward the speed of light(c=consciousness), energy is released.

hologram diagram

E = Energy \ Evolution
M = Mind \ Matter
C = Consciousness\Coherency

V = Velocity of Communication


Four functions of Communication Velocity


Speed - being in the present
Understanding - unity of mind
Acceptance - unconditional love
Importance - non-judgment

( see Appendix)

Using Einstein's language, communication can be applied as follows:
hologram diagram E = energy,
C = Consciousness(light)
V=Velocity of Communication

Minds contain potential energy.

When communication's velocity accelerates matter toward the speed of conscious thought, human energy (time, stress, money) = e is used and released.

hologram diagram

I found that communication is a force, but I needed to ask "What happens when the force is applied?" I will present information that will demonstrate how my model, the velocity of communication is applied in quantum physics, using the theory of holograms.

My research concludes that communication can be described as energy, using the language of physics. Communication does follow the laws of relativity and quantum physics. With my holographic research, I have found that the energy released from our minds by communicating, provides us with the ability to reproduce images clearly to others. Communication's purpose is to act as a force to produce coherent energy. The higher the velocity of communication, the clearer the image will appear.


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