The Whole Message

When taking a photograph, one light reference is reflected directly off the object and recorded as a two dimensional image. When viewing a photograph, we imply a third dimension based upon our past perceptions of similar situations.

Holograms are 3 or 4 dimensional. Height, width, depth, and motion(time), are all recorded in a holograph. But, the theory of holography is what is fascinating to me. Hologram theory is the physics of the future. Hologram language will soon diffuse into everyday life. It is this theory I will apply to communication.

The language of hologram theory is rich with metaphors. Hologram theory has been used as a language to describe our universe(physics), our brain(neurology), metaphysics, medicine, psychology, and now, communication. Even the word "hologram" implies that it is related to communication. The word hologram is derived from the Greek words, holo, meaning whole, and gram, meaning message. Therefore, hologram means whole message.

Hologram is a metaphor for perfect communication.

The purpose of this article is to answer the question :

"How can communication be applied using the laws of physics?"