The Whole In Each Part

One of the most interesting qualities of the hologram is that the whole contains the knowledge of each part, and that each part contains the knowledge of the whole. If you break a hologram into many pieces each piece will still contain the whole image, but with a limited perspective. The image stays the same size but you loose clarity and you loose perspectives. A hologram is like a window. If you make the window smaller, the objects don't get smaller but you loose some of your view.

hologram diagram   

Whole Universe Theory - Bohm

Bohm's theory of the enfolding-unfolding-enfolding implicit order of the universe, states that our brains are smaller pieces of the larger hologram. That our brains contain the whole knowledge of the universe.

If you look at the grid, you can see how each mind has a limited perspective of the universal hologram. Our brains are our windows of perception. Each mind always contains the whole picture, but with a limited and unclear perspective. We each have different experience in our lives, but each perspective is valid.

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